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What others are saying about Born Broken...

"Kristin weaves threads of hope and humor throughout an authentic representation of the challenges endured on her adoption journey.”

Michele Schneidler

Chief Operating Officer at 1MillionHome

“Born Broken is an invaluable resource for anyone who is caring for a child who comes from a traumatic background.”

Dr. Ira Chasnoff, MD

Author of The Mystery Of Risk

"Once I started reading Born Broken, I couldn't put it down. I felt I was walking through Kristin's story, and she was walking through mine."

Lisa Qualls

Author of The Connected Parent

"Kristin writes from a first-hand experience, as one who's been in the trenches and lived to tell about it. This book will speak truth, healing, and hope.”

Jackie Bledsoe

Author of “The 7 Rings Of Marriage"

Learn more about Born Broken:

The story began like a dream…

A child is born with all the possibilities of a bright future. Nearby, a loving family waits for the son they have always dreamed of. When they become a family, little league, playdates, birthday parties and college scholarships all seem within the grasp of this all-American family.

But when the fairy tale ended…

The family realizes their precious child is struggling with the most basic developmental milestones, and they vow to love him more. However, the truth of their son's condition is something that even the strongest family could not undo. His brain has been damaged by alcohol before he was even born. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is the leading cause of birth defects and developmental disabilities in the United States… and there is no cure.

One family's powerful story of faith began.

The fight to advocate for their son in a world that did not understand left this family feeling exhausted and hopeless. The isolation of their reality almost destroyed their marriage and their family, until they found strength in a community they never knew existed. They found families that were struggling too. They stepped out of isolation and together they found faith and hope once again.

About the Author:

Kristin Berry is an adoptive mother of 8, and former foster parent of more than 20 children over a 9-year span. She is the co-creator of the award-winning blog Confessions Of An Adoptive Parent which has an audience of more than 200,000 followers around the globe every month. She travels extensively throughout the year sharing hope with foster, adoptive, and special needs parents around the country. In addition to Born Broken, she is also the author of Honestly Adoption and Keep The Doors Open. Kristin has been married to Mike for almost 21 years, and they have 8 children, all of whom are adopted. They live on a farm in Indiana.

Many foster and adoptive families have already read Born Broken and love it. Here's what some of them have said...

"I could not put this book down once I started reading it. Her writing and story are so captivating and heart wrenching at the same time. I love her honesty and vulnerability in sharing some very personal stories and feelings. Great for adoptive and foster families, and for families looking to support and encourage other families along their journeys. Beautiful book." ~NYoung

"Kristin's tenderhearted memoir of raising her adoptive son Alexander drew me in, and I found myself bartering, "Only 3 more pages, then I have to get the dishes done." And then of course, I read the whole next chapter, wholly ignoring the chores that needed my attention." ~Rachel, adoptive mother

"Born Broken is an authentic, painful account of one family's journey through fostering and adopting a son with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Kristin's words captivate the reader, drawing them into a less than picture perfect story that clearly mirrors the love Christ has for his children. It is a must-read for any foster/adoptive parent as well as those who desire to love them well and walk alongside them on the arduous journey." ~Murray, adoptive father

"As a mother of 2 bio kids, 2 adopted kids and 3 permanent fosters, with various issues and difficulties including suspected FASD with 2-3 of them - I could relate to many of the scenarios in this book. It was awesome to feel like someone else understood the struggles I face. Superbly written, heart-wrenching and yet encouraging - so real!! I love this book. It was hard to focus on anything else that I needed to do as I just wanted to keep reading. Thanks for the opportunity to hear your story." ~Tracey, adoptive mother

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