FREE: An Online Event About Finding Hope Through The Trials Of Life.

March 1st-10th, 2017

Hosted by Mike Berry


Lisa Qualls 

"Finding Hope When Life Keeps Knocking You Down."

Tara Bradford

 "Finding Hope In-Spite Of A Difficult Past." 

Mark & Michelle McKinney

 "Finding Hope When Everyone Questions Your Decision To Adopt."

Tricia Collins

"Finding Hope When You're Fostering Or Have Adopted A Difficult Child." 

Courtney Westlake

"Finding Hope When Life Doesn't Turn Out the Way You Thought It Would."

Jason Jones

"Finding Hope After You've Gone Through Significant Loss."

Karen Anderson

"Finding Hope As You Parent A Child With A Difficult Disorder."

Jesse & Andrea DeBoer

"Finding Hope When You're Forced To Wait."

Carrie Blaske

"Finding Hope When You're Exhausted And Ready To Quit."

Rachel Lewis

"Finding Hope When You Have To Let Go Of The Child You Wished You Could Adopt."

The Hope Summit features 10 real-life foster, adoptive, special needs, and traditional parents who have walked through some of life's biggest trials, but have found hope in the middle of them. You will be inspired by their honest and powerful stories. 

**The Summit will take place online from March 1st-10th. We will be sharing 2 stories each day. After March 10th the videos will only be available as part of Oasis Community which opens for enrollment on April 10th.

Happening online, March 1st-10th

The Opportunity to Join The Hope Summit ends in...


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